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Since its foundation in 1996, ZMO has put significant stress on transferring the results of its research and its expertise into society. Basic research on non-Western histories and cultures provides the essential depth for understanding current conflicts and debates. ZMO contributes to a more discerning view of the so-called Islamic world by offering background information to the media and providing expert interview partners.

ZMO research findings are made available to different target groups, among them politicians, journalists, artists, and the broader public. The centre therefore organises events on current scientific and political topics in cooperation with national and international institutions. Here it cooperates especially with intermediary organisations, cultural associations, adult education centres, and all German political foundations.

ZMO research findings are prepared for public discussion and made available in a variety of formats, including:

  • Established academic and scientific publications;
  • The ZMO Monthly Newsletter;
  • Press releases and background statements;
  • Virtual press kit
  • Meetings with academic, media, governmental, and non-profit organisations;
  • Open House Day;
  • Film Day;
  • Public events and cooperation (with intermediary organizations, adult education centers, political foundations, etc.)
  • Knowledge transfer about the Islamic world for schools;
  • Cooperation with curators and artist collectives;
  • Internet services at www.zmo.de.