2003 – Tagungen


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April 4 and 5, 2003

Modern adaptations of Sufi-based popular Islam:
Concepts, practices and movements in a translocal perspective

Workshop: Centre for Modern Oriental Studies, Berlin

Dr. Chanfi Ahmed and Achim von Oppen, CMOS Berlin
Saba Ishirini: A ceremony of commemoration as performance of translocality around the Southern Swahili Coast

Dr. Hussein Ahmed, Addis Ababa University
Shaykh Jawhar b. Haydar b. 'Ali (d.1937): A Mystic and Scholar of Shonke, Southeast Wallo, Ethiopia

Dr. Eva Evers-Rosander, Uppsala University:
Expressions of Female Religiosity: Mourid Women's Veneration of Mam Diarra Bousso in Senegal and Spain

Prof. Marc Gaborieau, EHESS Paris
What is left of Sufism in Tablighi Jama'at?

Dr. Albrecht Hofheinz, CMOS Berlin
Sudanese Sufis on the Internet

Dr. Michael Laffan, Leiden University
From alternative medicine to national cure: The Indonesian periodical "Sufi"

Dr. Roman Loimeier, Universität Bayreuth
Networks of saints: transnational links of the Qadiriyya

Prof. Alexandre Popovic, EHESS Paris
Les Turuq balkaniques au tournant

Dr. Dietrich Reetz, CMOS Berlin
Sufi spirituality fires reformist zeal: the Tablighi Jamaat in today's India and Pakistan

Samuli Schielke, M.A. ISIM Leiden
' that there is some discipline'. When discourses of rationality and order enter the Egyptian Mawlid

Dr. Dorothea Schulz, Freie Universität Berlin
Mass-mediated charisma and the reconfiguration of traditional religious authority in urban Mali

Dr. Rüdiger Seesemann, Universität Bayreuth
Ibrâhîm Niasse (1900-1975) and the revival of Sufism in sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Georg Stauth, Universität Mainz
Shaikhs and Walis among the Bedouins of North Sina – Bedouinism and Islamic Transgression

Prof. Mohammad Talib, Oxford University
World-making in a diasporic condition: A case of a Sufi order in England

Dr. Thomas Zitelmann (CMOS Berlin) and Dr. Ralph Ghadban (Berlin)
The Habashiya – Tendencies of mobilization and differentiation in translocal contexts

Info: Abstracts 1, Abstracts 2