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Orality and Literacy in African Societies

Workshop held at Institute for African and Ethiopian Studies 
University of Hamburg, July 4-5, 1996

Leonhard Harding (Dept. of History, University of Hamburg)

Session I:
Different Forms of Oral Texts and Different Ways of Access

Jürgen Jensen (Dept. of Ethnology, University of Hamburg)
    The Work with Oral Traditions in Social Anthropological Fieldwork
    (Historical Legends, Genealogies, Biographies, Tales and other Material)

Ilsemargret Luttmann (Dept. of History, University of Hamburg)
    Oral Tradition in the Context of the Basaa Society

    Dag Henrichsen (Basel Africa Bibliographies, Basel)
    Structuring the Past. The Relevance of Herero Praise Songs
    (text unavailable)

    Rainer Kokemohr (Dept. of Paedagogics, University of Hamburg)
    A Short Presentation of a Project of Research in the Context of an
    Education Reform in Cameroon
    (text unavailable)

Session II:
Makers of History

Benson Osadolor (Dept. of History, University of Ibadan / Hamburg)
    Art and History in the Kingdom of Benin

Axel Harneit-Sievers (Center for Modern Oriental Studies, Berlin)
    Community Histories in South-Eastern Nigeria: Exploring a Genre

Ehrhard Kamphausen (Mission Academy, Hamburg)
    Anmerkungen zum Selbstverständnis der klassischen protestantischen Missionsgeschichtsschreibung

Phillip Mazambara (Mission Academy, Hamburg)
    The Churches, the Preachers and the Catechists as Makers of History

    Mechthild Reh (Institute of African and Ethiopian Studies, University of Hamburg)
    History Made by Women
    (text unavailable)

Session III: 
From Oral to Written Texts

Kathrin Pfeiffer (Institute of African Cultures and Languages, University of Hamburg)
    Editing Mandinka Spoken Art

Gesine Krüger (Dept. of History, University of Hannover)
    Historical Patterns of Writing and Literacy in South Africa:
    Neither Destroyed Orality - Nor Incomplete Literacy

Dietrich Rauchenberger (Dept. of History, University of Hamburg)
    The Tarikhs

Brigitte Reinwald (Dept. of History, University of Hamburg)
    Film, Orality and Performance: Keita, l'héritage du griot by Dani Kouyaté

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