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Pflicht oder Wahl: Zur Theologie und Politik der Verhüllung muslimischer Frauen Link Lecture by Ziba Mir-Hosseini, London


7 - 9 May 2009: Living Islam in Europe: Muslim Traditions in European Contexts" PDFLogo

International Conference of the collaborative research project "Muslims in Europe and Their Societies of Origin in Asia and Africa" at Centre for Modern Oriental Studies (ZMO) in Berlin.

Documentation of the Conference


April 7th 2008 19:00 : "Do you attend Islam today? Practical experience with Islamic Religious Education in Berlin and Lower Saxony schools."

Lecturer: Dr. Irka-Christin Mohr (Erfurt University)
Diskussant: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Weiße (Hamburg University)

Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences
Jägerstraße 22/23
10117 Berlin

Pictures of the lecture and discussian and Audio life-record

Tablighi Jama`at - report on the field research conducted in Great Britain

Da´wat-e Islami - report on the field research conducted in Pakistan


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