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Documentation of the Conference:
Living Islam in Europe: Muslim Traditions in European Contexts

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Strategies of adaption and dissociation
Islamic missionary groups from South Asia in the European diaspora – the Tablighi Jama’at and the Da’wat-i Islami

Islamic Training Institutes in Germany
links to Training Institutes in the Middle East and Europe

Between participation and disengagement
The Muslim minority and its schools in South Africa and Europe

Islamism, the Reform of Islam, and Civil Religion in France

„Pioneers of 'Euro-Islam'“?
The role of Muslim women in the Milli Görüs. Crossed views: Germany-Turkey

The Ahmadiya in Germany
Areas of conflict between Islamic identity and secular embedment


Muslims in Europe and Their Societies of Origin in Asia and Africa

Diversity and Consequences of Religious Faith and Practice in Different Contexts

The research is conducted at the Universities of Frankfurt/Oder (Comparative Social and Cultural Anthropology, Prof. Werner Schiffauer), Hamburg (Religious Pedagogics, Prof. Wolfram Weiße) and Halle/Saale (South Asian Studies, Prof. Rahul Peter Das) in a collaborative project coordinated by senior lecturer Dr. Dietrich Reetz at the Centre for Modern Oriental Studies (ZMO) in Berlin.

Six studies investigate the role of religious Muslim groups, movements, and institutions in European countries in an attempt to understand the extent to which Muslims will shape emerging European identity. The results should contribute to an understanding of whether and how Muslims in Europe can aspire to a religious lifestyle and what obstacles might arise in the process. Muslim notions of Europe, the position practicising Muslims might adopt there, and the ideas and concepts they pursue will be explored. For comparative reasons links with their countries and cultures of origin will be considered. The transfer of cultural and religious knowledge and its influence on local and translocal social milieus is also to be studied. As an interdisciplinary project, “Muslims in Europe and their societies of origin in Asia and Africa” combines concepts derived from the sociology of religion with those of Islamic studies and the political sciences. The research is designed as a series of complementary case studies.

The research project will actively communicate research to the wider public, including specialists, activists and intellectuals. For this purpose it will organise public events and develop representations for the media and the Internet. Apart from academic publications on project findings, the submission of proposals to politicians and other decision-makers in society is also planned.


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