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The Arab-Palestinian Minority in Israel:
The Municipalities' Crisis

Dr. Rami Zeedan

This project will focus on the local political history of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel (within the Green-Line). This sector, which constitutes 20% of Israel's population, is an ethnic minority living in cities with ethnically diverse populations and in ethnically homogeneous cities and villages. This project aims to investigate the long-term crisis in these cities and villages of this sector. As an ethnic minority in the "Jewish and Democratic State", the Arab sector has been affected by the government policies implemented by the Jewish majority. The Arab sector leaders accuse the central government of discriminating their municipalities and pointing this as the generator of the crisis. The central government, however, points the inappropriate local management policies and the lack of leadership by the Arab local leaders themselves, as the reason of the crisis. This research will discuss the discrimination of the Arab-Palestinian citizens
of Israel, their local management policies and leadership, and the relationship between these two to the crisis occurring within these municipalities. The contribution to the failure will be examined in these topics: the education; the financial; the political and leadership; the cultural and ethical; the institutional; the service providing; infrastructural factors; and more.

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