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Systems of Sports Rules and Identity-Creating Practices in the Asian Islamic World

PD Dr. Birgit Krawietz

The project studies the contemporary Islamic world’s counter-proposals to a visible, new, globalized world order in the societal sub-system of sports. Three especially dynamic and influential zones are empirically examined and set in relation to each other: the Southeast Asian “Islamic” states of Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as Turkey and the Arab Gulf states. Although Turkey’s and Indonesia’s constitutions make them secular states, the Shariah or Islamic law makes various universal and national claims to the right to (help) shape matters. On the other hand, the enormous economic boom of the Arab Gulf states in recent years has triggered massive processes of transformation, especially in the field of sports. The question is the degree to which the various regional societies can keep up with this development and with what alternative designs individuals, institutions, and various official and unofficial representatives of Islamic establishments respond to it.

A joint research project by the ZMO and FU Berlin