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Centre and peripheries: dynamics of interaction in South Asian borderlands

Dr. Antía Mato Bouzas

The proposed project seeks to examine the concept of borderland as a socially constructed space, not only from the perspective of its being a periphery of the state but also emphasizing its transnational dimension. By focussing on the case studies of four towns located in distinct South Asian peripheries, the project addresses questions of senses of belonging and interaction in fragmented spaces of composite culture, especially in the light of current important socio-economic transformations in these areas. For this purpose, state interventions (development projects, provision of security, infrastructures, communications, etc.) in these territories will be analyzed, as well as the dominant attitudes and experiences of local people with respect to the perception of their own communities (cultural and social awareness) and their relationship with the main centres of political power (in terms of demands, recognition and opportunities).